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io mese dopo mese credo in voi, ma siamo già a luglio 2014 e ancora vi credete dei simpaticoni a fare le battute sulle ragazze grasse coi leggins, che faranno per sempre meno schifo di voi

porca madonna ma da quale buco di culo siete usciti?

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This was actually uploaded to PornHub. That’s how good it was. Just saying.

This made me cum

They just stopped caring half way though

this is mesmerizing


yeah…I’m a classic rock fan…ever heard of the Beatles? doubt it…they’re prob too old for you….pop music sucks…who is Katy Kerry? idk…ok…I’m gonna listen to guns n roses greatest hits on my iPod….woaaaaah……..sweet child o mine….classic song….uve never heard it….

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For imayaswellflyaway. Hope it’s legible

You have the nicest handwriting ^-^ yeah it is legible don’t worry. Thank you.

Check out this mix on @8tracks: lovely ladies by lameandgroovy.
01. mushaboom- feist/ 02. paris is burning- ladyhawke/ 03. little bit- lykke li/ 04. everything’s just wonderful- lily allen/ 05. honey & i- haim/ 06. summertime- janis joplin/ 07. lather- jefferson airplane/ 08. i heard love is blind- amy winehouse/ 09. it’s oh so quiet- bjork/ 10. ribs- lorde/ 11. my boy builds coffins- florence + the machine/ 12. electric twist- a fine frenzy/ 13. on the radio- regina spektor/ 14. oh no!- marina & the diamonds/ 15. gold dust woman- fleetwood mac

"To be happy in this generation is as hard as trying to get an iPhone in our parents generation. We are taught that perfection often leads us to happiness. But who’s perfect ? Not even the adults that expect us to be are any close to it. We drown in all the things we want. Better skin, hair, legs, clothes, friends. This and that. It makes us forget what we have. Health, friends, family or even that we have hair, because I’m sure someone with cancer would like theirs back no matter what color or If straight or not. To realize what we have is such a greater skill than to crave something you don’t. And if we realize what we have, we’re on the right path to happiness." - Elay Neal Moses (via coachela)

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Sooo, my dash is basically dead, I need new blogs to follow. 

Therefore, like (or even better, reblog) this if you post/reblog/like any of the following (or if you’re just a nice, friendly person that will do) and I’ll follow you! 

It’d be pretty cool if you followed me back but okay, it’s your life feel free to do as you please ^-^ 

Thanks for the attention, have a nice day. 

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